July 28, 2013

FREE eBooks for Back to School!

Welcome Back Teachers!

TpT sellers have been busy this summer! Implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a priority for many teachers. To help you get started or add to your CCSS resources, we have created a collaborative eBook: “A Bundle of Tips and Common Core State Standards Resources from TpT Authors.”This particular file is for teachers in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Each page is packed with tips to help you incorporate the Common Core standards into your classrooms. Be sure to look for the link to a free item on each page.

Good luck and happy teaching in 2013-14!!

Check out these fabulous eBooks:

Common Core Math: Free Back-to-School eBook for Grades K-2 Common Core Math: Free Back-to-School eBook for Grades 3-5 
Common Core English Language Arts: Free Back-to-School eBook for Grades 3-5 
Common Core Science: Free Back-to-School eBook for Grades 6-12
Common Core Social Studies: Free Back-to-School eBook for Grades 6-12 
Common Core Math: Free back-to-School eBook for Grades 6-12
Common Core English Language Arts: Free Back-to-School eBook for Grades 6-12

Happy Teaching!
Erin Palleschi
Once Upon A Teacher

July 24, 2013

The Prize Can #create2educate #sweepstakes

I love giving away little prizes in my classroom for good behaviour, when students meet their personal goals, because it's Tuesday and a whole bunch of other reasons.

I've tried many different ways of housing these little goodies from the not so cute (ziploc bag) to the expensive store bought much smaller in person than online cardboard treasure chest that lasted for one school year.

Thusly, the Prize Can was born!  Cheap?  Check.  Sturdy?  Check.  Cute?  Double check.

Here's how you can make your own!!!

I headed on over to my second home Michaels Arts and Crafts store to pick up materials for this project.  Don't you just love that as teachers we get 15% off EVERYDAY????  

1.  I bought yellow and grey cardstock, an assortment of ribbon, a can (make sure to remove the handle before you start) and the cutest little felt roses that make the perfect lid lifter upper on the can.

2.  I made a paper template by measuring the top of the can to the bottom of the can.  I also measured from one handle hole to the other.   I wrapped the paper template around the can and rubbed where the handle goes to figure out how far down I needed to trace my bathtub stopper.  It was about 1.5".  You could probably use a water bottle cap or any other appropriately sized round object.  Line it up so that the middle of the object is halfway onto your template and trace around your object.    

3.  Use your template to cut the cardstock strips that will go around the can.  You will need 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom of the can.

4.  Put the strips end to end and trace the other half of your round object.  You should now have a perfect circle (half on one strip and half on the other strip).

5.  Have you heard of Sookwang tape???  I love this stuff.  It's like double sided tape only it's more of a glue than a tape.  If you can't find Sookwang tape, Michael's sells glue dots that would work great too.  The reason I chose not to Mod Podge the paper on the can is because I like to change the theme in my classroom from year to year and I wanted to be able to change out the paper without having to buy a new can!  Run a strip of Sookwang or dab glue dots along the edges of the cardstock.

6.  Start by attaching the middle of the bottom strip of paper to the can.  Smooth the sides of the paper down around the can.

7.  Repeat with your top strip.

8.  This is what is looks like when the can has been covered with your strips of cardstock.  2 yellow on the top and 2 grey on the bottom.

9 & 10.  Cut a length of ribbon to 21".  Apply Sookwang or glue dots and attach it around the can where the papers meet.

11.  Trace something round (I used the lid from my Vitamix), use a circle cutter, protractor (are these still used???) or another object to cut a circle for the lid.  Apply Sookwang or glue dots and attach it to the paint can lid.

12.  I bought these cute little felt roses as a handle for lifting off the lid.  You could really use anything that sticks up.  

13.  Attach the handle.

14.  Here's a little tip from my baby hair clip making days.  Run a lighter along the ends of your cut ribbon to melt them slightly so they don't fray!

15.  Cut your ribbon into 6" pieces.  Knot them on the ends of your can handle.  Help yourself to a free editable chalkboard label from my TpT store by clicking here

There you have it!  The Prize Can!  Fill it with candy, little toys, classroom coupons, wet noodles or anything else you want to give to your littles. 

Now it's your turn!  Did you know Michaels is having a contest right now?  All you have to do is go shopping at Michaels, create your own classroom project and upload your creation to Instagram using the hashtags #create2educate and #sweepstakes.  Your project could be featured on Michaels "Classroom Ideas" Pinterest board and you could even win a $50 gift card to Michaels!   

Happy Teaching!
Erin Palleschi
Once Upon A Classroom

July 12, 2013

Holy Giveaways Batman!!!

My awesome, talented, creative teacher friends over at Tpt are celebrating all kinds of milestones this month and the giveaways are huge!!!!  

I've donated my Find it, Tally & Graph - Back to School resource to each one.  Click on the picture for a closer look!

Creation Castle is celebrating 300 followers!! Enter from July 12-19 to win!

Live Love Math is next...Enter from July 13-16 to win!

Comprehension Connection is also celebrating 300 followers!! Enter from July 15-20 to win!
And last but not least Owl Things First is celebrating 400 followers!!!!  Her giveaway is HUGE!!  Don't miss it!

Good luck!!!
Erin Palleschi
Once Upon A Classroom

July 1, 2013

Teachers Care for Alberta Fundraiser!

The recent devastating floods in Alberta have once again brought our wonderful international teaching community together in a joint effort to help those affected.  For the next 2 weeks, three very special bundles are available to purchase for just $25 each with full proceeds being donated to Alberta flood relief efforts.

This is a win-win!!!  You will receive resources valued anywhere from $150-$184 for only $25 and our fellow citizens of Alberta will receive much needed help!

The K-2 bundle includes 33 resources
The 3-5 bundle includes 34 resources and
The 6-12 bundle includes 33 resources

Click on the links to take you to Rainbow City Learning's TpT store right now and choose your bundle!

Erin Palleschi
Once Upon A Classroom