August 29, 2013

Chatty Chipmunk and Likewise the Owl

While back to school shopping for my own kids yesterday at Walmart, I happened upon these little gems!  Meet Chatty Chipmunk & Likewise the Owl.  

Chatty Chipmunk has two features - "Quirky Questions" and "Amusing Activities".  He asks questions like "Which person in the room would you like to be stranded on an island with and why?" and "If you could travel through time, where would you go and why?".  This would be excellent set up as a writing centre or whole group writing activity.  Press the button, record the question (there is even a repeat button) and start writing!  

Chatty's other feature is "Amusing Activities".  Press this button and you will hear things like "Say the alphabet as fast as you can - backwards!" and "Try to touch your elbow to your nose!".  How fun would this be as a brain break, end of the day activity or partner activity?  How about as a reward for doing something great or for the birthday boy/girl.    

Likewise the Owl speaks english and spanish.  Press the "Play Word" button and you will hear "The word is candy.  If you would like me to say the word again, press the repeat word button".  Other words include car, little, pizza, house, large, quiet, party, ice, cookie just to name a few!  This little guy would be great as an oral partner activity, pop spelling quiz, class team game (split the class into 2 teams - boys vs. girls etc.) and even as a word work centre.  

I'm going to use them as brain breaks, rewards, spelling practice, oral assessment, milling to music, as a literacy centre - the possibilities are endless.  The best $9.95 (each) I ever spent!

 What kind of brain breaks do you use in your classroom?