August 21, 2014

Teacher Week Day 4: When!!!

It's been a few years since I've been in the classroom.  I've been busy at home with my three little ones.  I'm ready to go back but I'm teaching a new grade this year so there are lots of changes all around.  I'm moving up from first to second grade - something I've wanted to do for a long time!  I just love the second grade curriculum.

The first thing I did to get myself ready is read the Grade 2 curriculum.  Here in Ontario we've got different books for each subject and it's broken up by Overall Expectations and Specific Expectations.
This is what our Language Curriculum Document looks like!

To organize myself, I made a chart (colour coded of course!!!) in Powerpoint.  I divided it by subject and then by month.  I thought about what would make sense when and started plotting the learning expectations on my chart.  For example, in second grade we learn about growth and changes in animals.  I thought the best time to do this would be in the spring when we can go outside and examine nature coming to life.  I save the more difficult concepts for later on in the year like multiplication and division to give my kids a chance to develop their basic skills first.  Here is what my long range plans look like!

The numbers correlate to the expectations in our curriculum documents.  Kind of like the Common Core Standards.  The items I've indicated to go year long are those we will do everyday like our Poem of the Week and writing journals.

I've also made reference to some of the activities we will be doing in our learning like making a fruit salad for our fractions unit.  I can't wait to make Leprechaun traps in March as part of our Structures/Mechanism and Movement Strand!

I print out poster sized plans and attach them to the wall behind my desk.  This visual really helps me stay on pace with my units.  It's great for planning upcoming units too.  I always know what's coming up next.

How do you organize your day?  Link up with us and share your plans!


  1. Thanks for sharing. This will help me with organizing my 7/8 LRPs.

  2. I love the way you present your plans! It's beautifully organized. :)

    1. Thanks Michelle!! I'm such a visual person its the only way that works for me!!!

  3. Well explained process! Are you the only grade 2 teacher and if not, and you expected to coordinate with your grade level colleagues? I find that's so tricky at this time of the year, when we are perhaps still waiting on someone to be hired or, of course, not required to be around and therefore some may be traveling or otherwise unavailable.

    Mme Aiello - Teaching FSL

    1. Thanks! I'm not the only Gr. 2 teacher but I do like to do my own plans which I share with my team. There's no expectation to coordinate with my grade level colleagues but it sure makes things much easier and more fun!