August 27, 2015

The Bat Cave!

Hi everyone!

I'm coming at you today with a little DIY I did for my classroom.  This year I'm changing things up and going with a superhero theme.  I think my Gr. 2's are going to love it!  My "Star of the Week" this year is now going to be the "Superhero of the Week" and one of the special privileges he/she will enjoy is getting to read in my new super-duper Bat cave!

Here's how I made it!

You will need:

- large cardboard box (I used an appliance box)
- yard bags or paper lunch bags
- spray adhesive (you can buy this from Michaels or Home Depot)
- spray paint

**My box did not have a bottom on it.  If you are using a regular cardboard box you can choose to cut the flaps off the bottom if you want or leave them on.

1.  Cut an arched opening on one side of your box.

2.  Rip up your lawn bags into large-ish pieces.  I separated the layers of the bags to make it a bit easier to crumple them up and glue them on.

3.  Crumple up a piece of paper bag into a ball.  Slightly uncrumple it (is this even a word?).

4.  Spray a bit of adhesive onto the cardboard box.  This stuff works best when it is slightly tacky so you don't have to spray a lot.  Attach your uncrumpled ball so it resembles a rough rock by pressing down on the paper bag and shaping it with your hands.

5.  Cover the top and sides of the box with crumpled paper bag pieces.  I chose to leave the back uncovered so I could put it up against a wall.

6.  Spray paint (or leave it as is).  I used a mix of grey and dark brown.

Add a pillow inside, a batman sign and voila!  You've got your very own Bat Cave!

The MOST special place for your special star of the week!

For visual learners like me - here are the step-by-step pics!

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  1. What does the adhesive do .do u have to do that or this idea

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    The adhesive (spray glue) just made it easier and faster to attach all of the crumpled pieces of paper to the box. You could use hot glue too. Thanks for your comment!